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About the Cameo Gun Concealer

After receiving my Concealed Weapons Permit, my next thought was, "how do I carry my weapon and carry it safely?". Having a holster in my purse did not suit me, so I started looking at C.W. purses. The lower end purses, from $69 to $115, really had no style. I'm not a fashion plate, but I do like carrying a different color or style purse depending on the color I'm wearing. So then I looked into a more stylish purse. These went from $175 to $350 ea.

This was out of the question. I certainly did not want to carry my weapon in my purse where it would eventually end up in the bottom. Nor did I just want to put it in the zipper compartment or a interior pocket. I wanted to find something I could take from purse to purse, both safely and discretely. I found nothing. I started thinking about what I'd want and after many designs and changes came up with the CAMEO GUN CONCEALER. Since it worked for me, I thought it might work for YOU!